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One to one. Get connected with your customers instantly in 1-click and present catalogs for faster sales.

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Receive instant video calls

Revive the direct and authentic sales agent-to-customer connection and achieve 5x more sales.

Allow in-call purchases

Make purchase easier by bringing the in-store experience online with Getbee’s advanced in-call purchase features.

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Track analytics to access sales data, sessions overview and details to see the upward scale in your sales.

Book and manage appointments with ease

Make appointments convenient and quick with available experts for your clients to call or book appointments - anytime, anywhere.

Build relationship with unique expert profiles

Equip all your sales agents with their own virtual business cards, allowing them to build trust and make quick sales.

Give superpowers to sales associates

Offer to your sales team many features, including hyper-personalization, screen sharing & live chats to facilitate their sales journey.

"With Getbee, we are building a digital customer experience similar to our physical stores"

Marco Mercuri

Marketing Manager at Dermalogica

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