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Humanize your online sales

86% of online consumers prefer to interact with a human agent. And Getbee’s integration with your website makes that happen.

Make online selling instant

Allow your customers to connect with you instantly with live videos and demos to make their decision easier and faster.

Sell with confidence

No more worrying over the quality of your products & services. Bring the in-store experience online with real experts guiding customers.

Receive instant video calls & demo requests

Whether it’s an online store or B2B sales, your visitors are just 1 click away from connecting with your available experts and getting a demo on demand or assisted video call.

Facilitate live shopping, start selling in-call

With virtual shopping and on-call live conversation, recommend products to your clients in real-time, help them build a basket and let them purchase easily.

Book and manage appointments with ease

Make appointments convenient and quick with available experts for your clients to call or book appointments - anytime, anywhere.

Build trust with unique, expert profiles

Equip your sales agent with all the information and superpowers they need to build trust and make quick sales.

Know what’s happening - track analytics

No more ‘what changed in the sales’; let the numbers talk for you. Activate and track complete data of your calls, agents, and conversions.

"With Getbee, we are building a digital customer experience similar to our physical stores"

Marco Mercuri

Marketing Manager at Dermalogica

E-commerce & Retail

Bring the in-store human experience to the online world.


Make virtual selling reliable and authentic with instant demos.

Real Estate

Close deals faster with our innovative conversational commerce solution.

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