GetBEE simplifies the process of running an online store of services for all businesses 


Consulting to the next level

With GetBEE, you can offer live sessions that can happen at your office, home or on the go. Everything integrated on your website. Keep track of the time spent per client and have automated billing.

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Deliver content to more clients with less effort

Documet showing good results through online coaching

Monitor the results and effectiveness of all your online sessions

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Give your clients a new way

to stay focused and on track


Telemedicine, reimagined.

With GetBEE, Healthcare providers can

offer virtual consultations and therapy. Perform remote monitoring and keep health records accessible to their patients.

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Create an unique

Doctor-Patient relationship

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Ensure a quick and effective

answer to your patients problems

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Provide your consultation rate

and send automated billing


Your personalized virtual classroom

With GetBEE, tutors can offer one-to-one or

one-to-many virtual classes with collaboration, screen sharing, and whiteboards to make their teaching even more effective

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Offer an exceptional learning


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Provide your session rate and

receive instant payments

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Enroll students from around the

world and increase revenue

We can't wait to see what you will do too!