Learning and Master Classes

Personalised, engaging and live sessions. Created your virtual training platform around all things coaching, mentorship, coding, languages, and more. From the creators of TeachMeNow.com, we bring you the software to build your own.

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Personalised Retail Experiences


Branded as yours. This new omnichannel approach to retail has helped brands connect and engage with customers in an new and innovative way.

Consulting and

Professional Services


Create your virtual advisory firm in financial services, law, as well as management consulting and coaching. Make sure you get paid for your time and streamline your operations. 

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Health and Wellness


Your very own virtual clinic connecting your experts, specialists, or doctors. Mental health, speech therapy, general consultations, diet, and nutrition. Compliant and approved by the TRA, GDPR, and more. 


"We love that we feel like the platform has partnered with us. In this time of change, you really want to find partners in the field of technology that enable you to do what you do best."

- Mick Todd, Founder and Executive Coach


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Schedule Your Personalized Demo

Arrange a 30-minute demo today to see how GetBEE can help bring your omnichannel vision to life.

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