Tech For Good: Giving Back to Society

We empower change agents with the technology to alleviate global social problems. 


Scaling quality interaction between social change agents and their stakeholders.


In 2017, 262 million children, adolescents and youth were out of school. 

Between 93 million and 150 million children are estimated to live with disabilities.

More than one-half of these children live in sub-Saharan Africa.

The literacy rate for  women with disabilities is at 1% 

Created and supported by GetBEE and Expo Live, our collaborative impact project supports social change agents using technology. Expo Live is an impact grant programme, launched by Expo 2020 Dubai, which funds innovative solutions that impact society positively.


With the Expo Live grant, we are able to use these funds to sponsor social projects across the globe. We do this by aligning our technology with their projects consequentlyallowing them to scale the impact of their initiatives.


GetBEE is proud to partner with initiatives that address an array of social issues. 

Community Partners

Project Kakuma brings together teachers from across the globe willing to offer free education using digital technology to young children in Kakuma Refugee camp in the North Western region of Kenya. 


The camp hosts over 180,000 people fleeing from war and violence in neighbouring countries. 


By leveraging GetBEE’s highly interactive digital platform, tutors are now able to support students in the camp who require that extra attention after classes.  


We recognise the power of technology to revolutionise the delivery of quality education especially to those in hardship environment. 


Our platform allows students in Kakuma refugee camp to receive after school support through scheduled interaction with tutors across the globe on a safe digital space. 

GetBEE is proud to partner with SWE in providing support and improving the visibility of women in STEM in the MENA region. Our platform allows young women in STEM to receive educational support and career guidance from experienced women across the globe. 


Beyond providing the digital platform, GetBEE staff also volunteer their time and skills, providing tutoring and mentorship support to young women in STEM


Established in 1950 Society of Women Engineers (SWE) empower women to maximise their potential as engineers, demonstrating the importance of diversity and inclusion in engineering and technology. The MENA chapter hope to extends this vision with the help of GetBEE.

GetBEE is in partnership with One Million Arab Coders to provide much needed support to aspiring coders. Through GetBEE’s platform students can now have more interactive sessions with tutors and learn other programming languages. 

To achieve the above GetBEE is collaborating with strategic corporate partners. Coding is the next generation’s new language, and GetBEE ‘s mission is to help children access the right tools need to learn coding.  

Through our platform, students are able to experience a more wholistic learning approach that includes support with experienced and skilled developers and mentors. 

One Million Arab Coders program aims to empower one million Arabs with essential coding skills through a series of online courses and certifications. The program offers an opportunity for students and tutors to be involved in one of the four different developer tracks that are in high demand:

Front End Web Development               Back End Web Development

      Data Analysis                                     Android Development

NairoBits is a registered trust in Nairobi, Kenya and has been in existence since 1999 and was created to empower youth from under-served backgrounds, using Information Communication Technology (ICT).

The primary target group is disadvantaged youth from the informal urban settlements of Nairobi aged between 17 and 24 years of age.

NairoBits has been and still is, focused on focused on the changing the ways through which opportunities are apportioned, intentionally or un-intentionally. Overwhelming evidence shows that people with lesser chances to access opportunities are not only poverty stricken, but also reside in the most unfortunate places.

GetBEE aims at empowering the youth in Nairobi by providing them with its technology. 

Empowering humanity with tech