To Share or Not to Share...

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Thanks to Uber, we share cars. Airbnb, homes. Rent the Runway, high end fashion. Is there any niche that the sharing economy has failed to penetrate? Are there limits to what is considered shareable?

Trends in The Sharing Economy seeks to explore the idea of the sharing economy’s advances in nouveau industries and their ensuing success. These triumphs within nontraditional industries solidify the idea that not only is the sharing economy here to stay but that it often surpasses traditional business models.

Three historically traditional industries – healthcare, education and mentorship – have all positively benefited from the sharing economy’s reach. This paper explores the origins, present successes and future promises as these industries continue to gain traction, create employment opportunities and generate millions of dollars in revenue.

The sharing economy continues to positively impact every facet of business. Intrigued? Continue to read and download the white paper here!

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