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Updated: Sep 2, 2018

Nanya Osamor |

Standing for Bring Expertise Everywhere, BEE reflects the purpose of our solution. As a brand, our aim is to spread and make expertise accessible globally. The story of GETBEE begins as one visioner using her skills and expertise for the greater good. GETBEE did not, in fact, begin with its original name, yet the core principles and ideas of the solution stem from one innovative idea and initial spark years ago.

Our founder, Thea Myhrvold, at 18 began tutoring two struggling high school students for their final exams after they were predicted to fail. Seeing the success of these students, she became inspired to teach, with many tutor requests from several students worldwide. After Thea saw her potential for success in tutoring online and helping students do better in education, she solely founded TeachMeNow, a live online platform with a community of teachers of all specialties. She was looking for a platform that had all the tools she needed in one simple space. TeachMeNow, which is still alive and thriving, is a global marketplace that connects students and teachers all over the world. Tutors, experts and mentors can showcase their expertise online and connect easily to students. While the success of TeachMeNow was evident, with students and teachers globally connecting, Thea and our team realized that through TeachMeNow a powerful engine was created with possibilities beyond education including tele-health, virtual law, coaching and many others. There was a high demand from schools and different companies who were interested in the technology creating their own branded and community portal.

Therefore, the GetBEE was born as a powerful technology that transforms businesses by creating ways to connect experts to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Thea says that “the goal was to allow everyone to scale their impact further by using the technology that enabled TeachMeNow to exist”.

The first GetBEE client was GEMS Education, where a portal was created via their own website to allow teachers to offer extra assistance to students. Now, many other clients from different sectors such as law firms, healthcare, coaches and even retailers have seen the value of the technology and grown their offering online.

Currently, GetBEE is working on a number of partnerships in the tech and business world in order to fuel the technology while using tech for good. One example we are proud of is our recent partnership with the UAE government initiative known as the “1 million Arab Coders”. The aim is to use e-learning as a means of empowering the Arab youth to acquire important skills for future employment in the digital economy. 

GetBEE is also now in partnership with several organisations, one of which is the ICF (International Coach Federation). Also, we were recently selected by the Expo2020 as one of the top global 100 innovators! Our partnership with Expo2020 allows us to scale our operations globally and further Bring Expertise Everywhere.

Stay tuned for more about our work with Expo2020 and some of the exciting projects we are working on. 

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