#MeetTheBees: Leonard F. Lindenau

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Leonard is the leading database developer of the GetBEE team. He has always worked in the field of technology, working mostly in IT and programming jobs, including at Booking.com. Our database developer came to Dubai in 2015 when he joined the team.

Leonard’s role essentially involves everything to do with software development. Whether it be developing our database and programming for a new client, or adding new features to the platform, Leonard is the one for the job. He also works closely with the other members of the tech team to plan actions for the near future, as well as long-term goals and thoughts for improvement. Leonard’s role is extremely important for GetBEE. As the oldest developer on the team, Leonard’s knowledge of the product is immaculate, he is the one who develops the product to make sure it is the best it can be. As a tech company, there is no doubt that the developer’s role helps our team immensely; without Leo, our product wouldn’t be the same.

Leonardo has said that the best thing about being a part of the GetBEE team is both the relaxed nature of the work environment and the size which creates a sense of unity in the office. There is a comfortable working environment where everyone, regardless of department, can contribute with ideas and thoughts. The sense of community at GetBEE is what motivates Leo and the team to thrive.

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