Interning at GetBEE: My Experience

Nanya Osamor |

Studying as a first-year university student in London, I felt that it was important to gain some work experience while on summer holiday in Dubai. While I am studying history, I believe an internship can give you the fundamental basis of the working world; from the structure of the office departments to writing an email to a client and it also opens your mind in terms of knowledge and new possibilities. The skills learnt in an internship are very valuable tools for young people preparing to go into the world of work. I want to use this post to highlight my experience at GetBEE and how it helped my understanding of the business world.

What did I do?

As a one month intern at GetBEE, I worked closely with the marketing department but I also had consistent interaction with other departments, including Sales and the Tech team. As part of my everyday work in the marketing team I was mostly responsible for content creation which was a new experience for me. The creation of content in a marketing context is very specific as the aim is to target potential leads and existing clients; I had to put myself in the minds of the client in order to create content which specifically targeted each individual and this was great. I worked on both content creation for GetBEE website and aided the marketing team in the startup of a blog; in both tasks, I learned the importance of thorough content especially as a small business.

I was also exposed to other marketing campaigns and email marketing. I’ve learned there are many components to a marketing campaign which essentially affect the CTR, number of conversions, and the whole Marketing-Sales funnel. Linked to this, I worked with the Sales team in a data analysis process which was challenging yet effective. It opened my eyes to the fact that selecting potential clients as a small business is a very important task but not always an easy exercise. I now understand the importance of targeting and the different messages to each one of the audience.

What did I learn ?

My four-week internship told me a lot about the commercial world, especially for an up and coming innovative company. Primarily, I learned the story of GetBEE and how it emerged from an online tutoring company of one woman to a larger innovative idea. Learning the story of GetBEE also, in turn, allowed me to understand certain entrepreneurial skills; how CEO Thea Myhrvold developed one small idea into a larger business with more potential reach.

As I worked mostly closely with Izabella N. and the marketing team, I was exposed to a number of different marketing strategies, skills and techniques, particularly content creation. Without much previous knowledge of the intricacies of marketing, I was opened up to how important these things are to any business. A well-done marketing plan is extremely important for any business and I was happy to have been able to contribute to the development of GetBEE marketing team as I now understand how it contributes and affects the whole company and its relation with clients, partners, colleagues and so on.

Overall, my internship at GetBEE was incredibly fruitful. Having no prior work or experience in both the marketing and tech world, it was very interesting to learn more about these fields and broaden my knowledge on the overall business world.

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