Innovating Luxury Retail: Luxury Consulting Platform with GetBEE

| Obsitu Ahemed

Providing a state-of-the-art customer service has long been a key priority across the luxury retail sector. With the rise of technological advancement, it was only a matter of time before providing customer service would extend to the digital space. The need for leveraging technology became even more of a precedent over these past few months as businesses around the world discovered the efficiency and adaptability made possible through technology.

As a company that drives digital innovation to enable enterprises to start, run and scale businesses online we wanted to find a truly viable solution for the luxury retail sector where service provisions had long limited to physical in-store interactions.

A digital concierge is the next level of customer relationship where technology is facilitating virtual human connections to provide premium customers with conversational and contextual assistance. Because it can be highly personalized, digital concierge offers a wide range of collaborative features and customization. Implementing a digital concierge offers luxury retailers a multitude of benefits for both customers and the company.

Expertise on Demand

Expertise is at the cornerstone of the customer service experience for luxury retail brands. Brands can display their community of experts, top designers, highlighting their areas of specialty, languages spoken, and all the necessary information so customers are able to find the expert that can best fulfill their needs.


By privately connecting with customers through collaborative video calls, companies will offer a high level of personalization in the shopping experience. The immediacy and authenticity made possible with live video calling mean that each customer can be offered a session that is tailored to their needs and preferences.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

The seamless, accessible, and secure experience made possible with virtual concierge will enhance the quality of interaction with clients. Businesses will be able to manage customer inquiries in real-time and provide support services virtually, around the clock across any device.

It is through these benefits that we are empowering a number of luxury brands step up the digital aspect of their business through our custom GetBEE virtual concierge platform. With our platform, regionally influential luxury brands including Faces, Dolce&Gabbana, and others are able to reach their customers online and provide them with a world-class experience led by their team of experts. With just a few clicks, customers are conveniently able to book a private session with fashion/beauty experts, view product catalogs and fulfill their shopping needs with the same detail of attention (or even more) that they would get in-store.

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