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Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Fumnanya Osamor |

The Expo is a universal exposition which unites many countries to showcase business specialities, with the aim of fostering an increase in global trade. In 2020, Dubai will be the host of this initiative where the commercial world will come together with 130 countries participating.

As part of the Expo, there is an initiative within called “Expo Live”. Expo live is an impact grant programme which funds novelty innovative solutions that impact society positively. The ExpoLive programme offers a grant of  $100,000 for innovative start ups which prove that they have potential to create real social value and also to help their commercial growth. Essentially, it is a competition between startups, social enterprises and grass root organisations for a grant to help sponsor social initiatives. Proudly, GetBEE is one of the winners and recognised as a top 100 global innovator. 

With the Expo Live grant, we are able to use these funds not only to promote our business and commercial growth but also sponsoring social projects. GetBEE is proud to work with social initiatives that will help bring expertise and knowledge while creating economic opportunity. We will be sharing some more highlight about these projects soon! 

Our role in the Expo 2020 is fundamental to our values as a business. One of GetBEE’s most significant aims is to use technology for good; through the Expo Live grant, we are able to do this successfully and help others scale their impact further too.

Stay tuned for more news on exciting projects and how you can be a part of it or be associated to some of these projects. 

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