GetBEE and Webfy

Recently, GetBEE has become a partner of the Norwegian digital agency Webfy. The Scandinavian company describes itself as a “technology powerhouse”, who delivers services suited to the digital age. Webfy creates unique platforms for their clients to ensure their users have a smooth and seamless online experience.

A question GetBEE is frequently asked is that if we are a digital agency or a website-building company. Well, we do offer a multi-functional virtual office solution for professionals but our platform is integrated into an already existing website. However, our recent partnership with Webfy has opened a new avenue where GetBEE clients that also want to have a fantastic website can count on Webfy expertise to build and deliver the best in terms of quality and responsive design. On the other hand, Webfy clients that seek a solution like GetBEE – a pioneer in building online communities for experts with a search engine, live sessions, calendar management, payment gateway and more – can also trust in GetBEE expertise.

The partnership with Webfy is a great deal since it creates the possibility for clients to have a 360-degree online service: from an alluring website to a whole virtual office that can be managed in one place.

We are very excited about this partnership and soon we have more news to share.

Stay tuned!

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