Entrepreneurship from GetBEE's Perspective: Thea Myhrvold

Fumnanya Osamor |

Thea Myhrvold, founder of GetBEE.com and Teach Me Now

As a relatively new technology startup, GetBEE’s story is as important as the founder’s. I interviewed Thea Myhrvold to better understand her role as GetBEE’s founder, as well as get some insight into the intricacies of entrepreneurship.

First, I asked Thea about the hardest part of starting a new innovative business. Teach Me Now, a client of GetBEE, was Thea’s first project founded a few years prior to GetBEE’s innovation. Even with this entrepreneurial experience, GetBEE presents its own unique sets of strengths and challenges as an online marketplace for the expert community.

Thea explains that “the hardest part of starting anything is simply getting started,” a notion which many entrepreneurs relate to. As the founder, Thea notes that it can be easy to focus on the challenges but it is about pushing ahead and starting despite the obstacles.

It is important to have the right mindset to be able to adapt to new opportunities as well as navigate the struggles faced by every entrepreneur. When establishing her business, Thea discovered a lack of female role models to inspire and motivate her in the early stages, especially being a young entrepreneur. Now as a female role model for young entrepreneurs, Thea hopes her story will inspire more young girls to view a career in tech as an option for them too.

Thea Myhrvold and the GetBEE team

“Every day is different and presents a new challenge!” Thea explains. As the founder of GetBEE, Thea is responsible for the leadership and motivation of the team, ensuring that everyone is inspired to keep moving forward. Being able to work with a diverse and motivated team is one of Thea’s favorite part as a leader. With a small and dedicated team, GetBEE is able to make a real impact by influencing how business is done using technology and working with partners and clients across different market segments.

Finally, I asked Thea where she sees herself and GetBEE in 5 years' time. She hopes to be even more of a global leader in the tech world. Already, Thea has made a name for herself in the MENA region and multiple countries across the world. As for GetBEE’s future, she sees the company “transforming businesses and empowering experts everywhere”. She hopes that GetBEE will have more global offices and a global impact.

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