Education Investor Global MENA: An Initiative for The Development of Education in The Digital Age

On the 19th of September, Education Investor Global MENA hosted a conference in Dubai for investors, education leaders, and more. Founder Thea Myhrvold represented GetBEE and TeachMeNow, showcasing the significance of technology in education: “EdTech in the MENA market – is the digital revolution coming, or is it already here?”

The event, which was held in Dubai, aims to explore the growing demand for education while exploring the ways investors can find scalable investment opportunities for all levels of education until University. The event provided information into fundamental insights and several drivers and changing dynamics in investment in the MENA region while further illustrating how the evolving nature of solutions in EdTech is improving the quality of education in the region.

We are proud of showing how the GetBEE technology fosters the growth of EdTech and improves the quality and equity of education not only in the MENA region but globally.

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