Diversity and Innovation Go Hand in Hand

By Linda Samsoe

We bring human connection and soul back to business, by creating meaningful, diverse and inclusive work in a digital era.

At GetBEE, we believe in the importance of diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our working environment. We care about diversity and we acknowledge that empowered employees are the soul of our mission.

We believe business is about people, and people build the business. We foster a culture where we want to enable our employees to bring forth the very best of their capabilities and their area of expertise.

We are proud to be a female-led company, that takes part in the enablement of promoting the value of ensuring women and mothers succeed in their work-life, as well as their private life. 90% of our leadership is female, we have 16 nationalities and speak over 15 languages combined.

Work-life balance is a crucial part of our motion towards creating a highly dynamic and productive working environment for all. We know that there are many aspects to a successful life. Overworked employees – or overworked mothers, do not make people successful in their job. Productivity is enhanced by employees who are empowered to have a balance, wherein they can equally focus on work, family, friends, mental and physical wellness. Success is multilayered and we have established a culture wherein we strive for these criteria.

I have worked in great companies, where I have learned a great deal, and I have always strived to be the number 1 performer. But it came with a great cost. I am a mother and I was an absent mother. At GetBEE, I found that a burden was lifted from my shoulders. I am now a mother and a present mother. I can juggle my work-time and be there for my children. GetBEE helped me to establish a work-life balance, wherein I can perform as an employee, and my motherhood and responsibilities thereof are not questioned, but rather encouraged.

Linda Samsoe – Key Account Manager

Izabella Naessa, GetBEE's Head of Growth (left) and Thea Myhrvold, GetBEE's Founder and CEO (right)

The importance of gender diversity must not be underestimated, having gender diversity within our business has been proved to provide even higher success. Lack of gender diversity is unfortunately very real and can be found in all types of industries. But we have a responsibility to change the status quo, as a company. Not focusing on gender diversity would be to simply compromise our own wins.

The female talent pool is substantial, and it is an absolute necessity to create a diverse team that includes the whole talent pool. There cannot be innovation without diversity, the two are intertwined and a natural result will be a greater success.*

We do not doubt the skillset of a mother or father returning to the workforce with a gap in their CV. Instead, we look at their value proposition. Who else can bring forth a more intense skill set of multi-tasking, communication, negotiation, collaboration, management of people, listening? The list goes on. These skills are absolutely vital in the success of an employee, and we acknowledge that a gap on your CV does not mean that a stay-at-home mother or father has not improved their skills set, but rather that they have achieved organic development of these exact required skills.

Working at GetBEE means to be trusted, in the sense that I get to manage my own time, which allows me to be there for my kids when they need me, and I truly believe it makes me work more efficiently. GetBEE gave me the flexibility I needed to manage my work and home life successfully.

Blanca Lopez – Head of Finance and Operations

GetBEE team, 2018

Even before Covid-19 set office restrictions, we at GetBEE always encouraged our employees to work by their time schedule and set up their working days to align with demands from both the work and home front. Through our flexi-time approach, we empower all our employees, to work at their best.

Creating a dynamic and innovative working environment means enabling a working culture wherein all employees are empowered – including women, minorities, and any other people who are not usually represented in a business setting. It is in actuality a very simple truth: if you want more success in your business, ensure to hire from the entire talent pool. Hire talent that can bring extremely valuable skills, and move your business discussion to the next level. Why restrict ourselves from tapping into the entire global talent pool?

Diversity and inclusiveness matter. The more diversity and inclusion within an organization, the higher performance and talent retention. It is part of our responsibility as well as our success story to recruit and empower a diverse team.

Here are a few points to try and achieve to make your workplace more inclusive:

1. Set a diverse and inclusive leadership

2. Ensure representation of diverse talent

3. Have a work culture based on merit and increase fairness in performance evaluations

4. Prioritize mentorship

5. Offer straight-line access to leadership**

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