Access and Success: Leveling the Playing Field

Athletic records have been broken, bronze, silver, and gold medals distributed, and the extraordinary athletes lauded and back in their home countries. The Special Olympics held in Abu Dhabi from 14 March – 21 March, welcomed more than 7,500 athletes and 3,000 coaches representing 200 nations. The global event, started in 1968 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, was built to provide a platform for individuals with exceptional abilities and to allow them to showcase their tremendous strength and skill. As the world continues to evolve to be a more inclusive and diverse community, it is essential that all private and public stages are created with the needs of individuals with determination in mind. Treating everyone the same is not accessibility, nor is it fair; due to the diverse needs of the populace, equality surpasses uniformity. Accessibility is key in ensuring all persons have the same playing field irrespective of ability.

Khalif Al Neimi and Sultan Al Khyeli proudly hold up the Special Olympic Torch in front of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Victor Besa / The National

GetBEE has always championed an inclusive platform. As an online solution, the importance of a modifiable and content-consistent platform helps users with retrieving and reading information. GetBEE’s platform has created opportunities for individuals with determination to have access to the same coaching and training as individuals without., a GetBEE partner, has developed the largest job portal in Latin America for individuals of determination. The online academy,, provides skilled training sessions for individuals to successfully re-enter the job market. is also able to connect with companies where experts are eager to share their knowledge and donate their time to job candidates.'s home page, powered by GetBEE technology!

As seen above, all the sites using GetBEE’s technology retain a continuous pattern in layout, which is simple and straightforward; users know where and how to locate information easily, no matter which GetBEE site is accessed. They also employ dyslexia fonts and other features that facilitate access to the platform.

Perhaps the most innovative features are the options available to individuals with hearing impairments. The videoconferencing is not merely a lecturer barely view-able on a small screen; rather a close, intimate experience is initiated, in which the viewer has a clear view of the expert’s face which aids in lipreading and ease of understanding content. To aid this encounter, both the expert and user have access to a real-time chat area, can share and correct MyOffice documents in real-time and exchange information via a shared Whiteboard.

Bringing all these features into the home of an individual bridge the transportation gap for a person who may have mobility restrictions; now they receive the same equality content as others.

GetBEE wins the gold medal in being part of the solution to ensure that quality content remains highly accessible to individuals with determination!

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