4 tips to becoming a better coach

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Fumnanya Osamor

Being a coach is a highly selfless profession. It requires a high level of commitment and patience in order to get aid your clients in achieving their goals. However, there are a plethora of different coaches out there and finding out how you can diversify the coaching experience to your clients became a challenge. Let’s talk about 4 simple tips to see more quality results from your clients.

Create opportunities through network events

Networking is fundamental in career development. For your clients, the same applies. Networking creates new connections and potentially new colleagues or business partners. Why not create events to network your clients? Not only would this create an avenue for new connections, but with training and team building exercises your clients are being coached at the same time. Through using group client sessions, coaches can keep their clients engaged and motivated. Seeing other people trying to build helps clients realise that they can achieve their goals as well. These networking events can often be the extra motivation your client going.

Generate more interesting content and get your clients talking about you

It is important to always keep your clients interested in order to keep them committed and motivated. Why not try diversifying your content in order to make sure your clients spread the word. Using social media and online channels can be a good way to do this. Successful coaches have started using YouTube and webinars as platforms to spread their expertise. It is an interesting and alternative way to keep your clients engaged.

Keep it personal

It may seem simple but sometimes simplicity is key. Sometimes coaches feel like they have to distance themselves from their clients to keep the professionalism flowing but this isn’t necessarily true. It is essential for your clients to know that they can trust and confide in you. No, it’s not therapy but motivation comes in different forms and you don’t have to be a therapist to create a comfortable environment for openness. Perhaps you can share stories of your own journey and struggles. Not only will this let your client know that there is trust, it diversifies the relationship between coach and client, giving them encouragement to achieve their goals.

Offer your expertise online

This doesn’t just mean creating a website or a facebook page. There are platforms around which allow you to really get connected with your clients through an alternative channel. Using advanced video conferencing solutions you can reach your clients in a completely new way. Through these solutions, you can offer the opportunity to coach your clients online. Not only does this trend create convenience for both you and your clients, it opens up a new aspect of interactivity. Often video conferencing solutions provide multiple features which allow you to connect with your clients even more than in person. Your clients will recognise your efforts to diversify their coaching experience while widening your reach locally, nationally and even possibly globally.

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