GETBEE for Lawyers

Have your customized Virtual Law Firm with GetBEE

The GetBEE solution provides a virtual means for lawyers to ensure effective engagement with their clients through a complete and manageable platform. GetBEE combines numerous features such as video conferencing, e-sharing of documents, calendar and facilitates real-time contract editing.



The GetBEE platform is a virtual landscape that offers a more cost and time effective way to engage with your clients online.  Have your own virtual law office where you can showcase your community of lawyers. Cut significant legal costs and make justice more affordable by being part of the innovation in the practice of law.



GetBEE solution opens the possibility for a wider reach worldwide and facilitates the practice of pro bono cases, minimizing travel and administration costs. GetBEE is 100% online, browser-based and does not require any downloads or plug-ins.

Cuts legal costs  

Offer automated billing

Improve engagement with your clients

Have all the resources you need in one place

Start document sharing and real-time collaboration

Have more time to focus on your expertise

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