With a strong background in EdTech, GetBEE's core mission has always been to make knowledge accessible to everyone, everywhere. We propose services to facilitate knowledge-sharing in a global, digital world.

Learning at Your Fingertips

Build a community around your Coaches, Consultants, and Educators and offer students the possibility to book individual learning sessions with easy integrated payment.





3. HD video call 

Enable video call for live classes and coaching sessions

4. Chat box

Expert and learners can easily exchange resources, names, and links via chat 

1. Screen-sharing

Screen-share your spreadsheet or essay project with integrated live document review capabilities


2. Browser-based

Clients access your classroom via a browser. No additional plugin required.

Collaboration tools

Share files and collaborate with your clients in real-time to increase levels of interactivity and ensure a thorough experience.

HD Video Call

Experts and learners have access to HD video calls from all corners of the world. The shared resources are automatically saved to allow easy access.

Automated billing

We connect your platform to your payment gateways for automated billing right after every online session. 

Use Case:

One Million

Arab Coders

The One Million Arab Coders is part of the Mohammed bin Rashid Global Initiatives (MBRGI) and aims to empower one million Arabs with coding skills through a series of online courses and certifications. GetBEE is the platform powering their 1-1 tutoring sessions.


Are you ready?

We are prepared to walk you through our GetBEE solution and run a tailored brand assessment to understand the best scope for your existing business. Get in touch. We look forward to sharing our bespoke offers.