Combine the simplicity of a call and the power of e-commerce

Use live video calls to create in-person interactions with your clients the way you would in a physical store, from product recommendations to completing a purchase.


Customize your branding

Getbee will always look and feel like yours. Use our editor to personalize your experience and match your brand identity.

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Connect your

Import your products into Getbee through multiple e-commerce integrations like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Salesforce, etc.

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Invite your team

Enhance your omnichannel journey by inviting your team to be part of your digital experience. Offer them a virtual and flexible way to work in the digital era #futureofwork

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Launch in one click

Seamlessly publish your Getbee platform. We do all the technical and compliance heavy lifting, so you can start in no time.

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Start selling in-calls

Receive video calls directly on your website and support your clients from product recommendation to completing a purchase.

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Access real time data

Manage your online end-to-end experience from clients interactions to sales performance.

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"Getbee is bringing a personal touch back to a digital world."

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