Frequent Asked Questions

1- What is GetBEE?


GetBEE is an innovative online community builder solution which combines a number of handful features to streamline the delivery and management of online services. It enables experts worldwide to provide consultations and reach clients virtually without the physicality of an in-person meeting. 


The GetBEE solution allows real-time collaboration with:


  • Community builder: GetBEE hosts your community of experts on one platform. This way, your clients can see the range of specialities you offer and filter to extract the specific one needed.

  • Integrated calendar: With GetBEE’s integrated calendar your clients have access to your availability and can book sessions based on vacancy. Clients can also inquire about availability and request your services.

  • HD video conferencing: Connect with your clients locally, nationally, or globally using our live video feature.

  • E-sharing: Share files, documents and screen share with your clients in real-time to increase levels of interactivity and ensure a thorough experience for both you and your clients.

  • Automated billing: Never worry about payment. With our automated billing system, you receive your payment directly after a session is ended. A record of every session and payment is kept in your files.

  • Reports and track: Track your clients sessions and records with our tracking system which stores all your records and files in one place.


And much more...





2- Will GetBEE create my website for me?

No, GetBEE is not a website developer. However, what we will do is integrate our solution into your pre-existing website. GetBEE is customizable and will be installed on top of your website by our developers to match your website design, with your logo and pre-existing visual identity. Our experienced developers will handle all tech-related issues and embed our solution on your website. Simply choose your template.





3- Is GetBEE a video conferencing solution?

GetBEE is ALSO a video conferencing solution but not only. GetBEE is an integrated platform which combines several virtual features for a full and thorough experience. It is essentially a virtual office, combined with all the in-person components you would need to offer your services. Check out all our features here.




4- Who is the GetBEE solution for?

GetBEE is ideal for every expert or community of experts that want to offer their services online. Currently, we see a significant demand from lawyers, healthcare providers, online tutors and coaches who are aiming to expand their reach, or simply diversifying their communication channels with clients.


Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, GetBEE is designed to fit any business or individual who wishes to showcase, deliver, and manage their expertise and expand their reach to clients online.




5- What if I am on the go but have a client booked in?

GetBEE works on all devices. We have integrated buttons that allows you to access the platform wherever you are at whatever time. Whether you are at home, in your office or on the go, you can use GetBEE seamlessly. Don't worry about missing a meeting, just turn your mobile on!


6- Do I need tech knowledge to use GetBEE?


No. GetBEE is a user-friendly platform developed for everyone to use, regardless of tech proficiency. In terms of setup, our team will take care of the whole process and integrate the solution into your website. You can count on consistent training and support from our team. There are no downloads or complicated plugins to install.


7- How can I get a quote?


GetBEE prices depend on features, the number of experts, and required integrations. As it can vary, we recommend you to book a free demo with our experts' team. They are prepared to walk you through the soluttion, show you all the GetBEE possibilities, understand the best features for your business and give you a proper pricing plan. 


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