Developer Portal


​This document describes the technical definition of a REST API and the documentation for enabling integration with GetBEE for the following resources: 


By integrating with purchase flow APIs, we will be able to retrieve the products and stock availability from wherever you choose. 

This will seamlessly enable selling those products from within our video sessions, with real-time stock validations and real-time orders going back into your systems. 


  • Auto synchronization 

  • Availability validation (real time) 



  • Pre-order validation (real time) 

  • Pre-order confirmation 

  • API Authentication validation 



By using this resource, you can pull expert information and display them on your website or in any application you have.


To get started please refer to our API documentation below.

How Does It Work?

With quick and simple API integrations, your team can build faster and enable the features supported by GetBEE. Below is a high-level visual of what can be achieved.

Screen Shot 2021-03-21 at 7.10.54 PM.png



The following documentation has interactive examples. Follow the link below to open the documentation.

If you would like a quick introduction or have any questions, send us an email to