Education. Innovation. 

E-learning and online tutoring are growing fields of education, making knowledge accessible regardless of location or ability. Interactive lessons have proven the most effective for initial student attendance, but not satisfaction. The majority of companies resort to pre-recorded platforms resulting in a 90% dropout rate. 


Enter GetBEE's live and customized platform which enables educational experts to harness their own individual classroom, allows both learner and expert to exchange information in real-time and highly engages students through customized technology. By creating a dynamic interface, GetBEE makes personalized learning attainable and interconnected

What We Do



Those who can, teach! GetBEE provides a unique opportunity for teachers, professional trainers, linguistic experts, life coaches and more to share their skills via an online platform. Expand your reach beyond your community and educate learners from across the globe.


GetBEE makes learning interactive, exciting and accessible! With modern HD videoconferencing capabilities for 1:1 or group sessions, Live Chat, Live Code Editor and Microsoft Office document sharing, GetBEE provides the tools for an engaged learning experience.  GetBEE's tracking technology allows you to assess educator progress and performance via immediate feedback from learners. 

Monetize your time

Get paid for your expertise and experience and create a platform that allows you to hire and feature other experts in your field! GetBEE's technology ensures effortless set up and rapid compensation for you and your business. 


Meet Our Clients!

GEMS Education is combining the best of technology and education to provide a world class experience for students.